Your Business

You’ve worked hard to build your business, so we work hard to help you expand its potential.

Know all the things insurance can help your business do? Probably not. Here are a few:

Ensure continuation of your business

Provide owner/operators with corporately-funded retirement income

Fund buy-sell and shareholders’ agreements

Protect against loss of key operating people

Executive team compensation

Employee retention and happiness

Tax savings through charitable giving

Capital gains tax and estate liabilities funding

Secured borrowing and alternative financing arrangements


Business Insurance

As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of having strategic financial and insurance solutions in place. You have made a significant investment in your business, and the need for protection, planning and risk mitigation is of paramount importance.

This is especially the case as you’ve likely been too busy taking care of your customers, suppliers, shareholders, partners, employees and family to properly look after your personal planning. You may have a will, but it may not be up to date or properly drafted. You may have a partnership agreement or succession plan, but it may be outdated and is not likely funded properly or adequately in case of death, illness or disability. We will take the time to get to know you and will work closely with other tax, accounting, banking, and legal advisors to ensure your financial affairs are optimized to protect the future of your business using unique insurance products and comprehensive estate planning solutions.

And as family enterprise advisors, Seligman Insurance helps manage the unique, complex, and sensitive family, business, ownership, and financial issues that business families often face. Our experience and processes help to strengthen the quality and performance of family enterprises, helping build united, industrious families that create impressive legacies; loyal, capable ownership groups; and high-performance, sustainable enterprises.

Utilizing a variety of insurance, estate, and succession planning tools and strategies, we are able to offer many business-tailored insurance services. 


  • Shareholder Agreement/Buy-Sell Funding and Planning
  • Key Person Coverage
  • Executive Team Compensation
  • Corporate Retirement Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Tax-Exempt Investment Solutions
  • Tax-Efficient Overhead and Health Expense Funding
  • Owner/Operator Income Protection
  • Employee Benefits Solutions

At Seligman Insurance, our extended network allows us to offer so much more than just insurance:

Fee-only financial planning

Discretionary and private wealth management

Wills and estate planning

Accounting, bookkeeping, and tax advice

Underwriting and actuarial consulting

Home, auto and commercial liability solutions

Contact us anytime to learn more about these services.