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We believe that living your best life includes protecting who and what matters to you. We help make that possible.

Know all the things insurance can help you do? Probably not. Here are a few:

Create a personal financial safety net

Build and protect your legacy

Optimize taxes and assets

Reduce taxable income/probate fees upon death

Tax savings through charitable giving


Our Products

Life Insurance

It’s hard enough planning for tomorrow, so we understand how impossible it feels to plan for the unthinkable. That’s why we make the process of designing your insurance plan as easy and painless as possible (it’s still insurance after all). When you work with us, we will help determine what type of insurance policy suits your personal, financial and long-term needs.

At the end of the day, life insurance is a tool to create options for your survivors. The proceeds of a personally-held policy are paid as a tax-free lump-sum to the recipient(s) of your choice upon your death. While there are different tax and estate planning approaches one can take, the outcome is assured every way. Life insurance can be purchased as term insurance or permanent insurance.


Permanent insurance—generally understood as ‘Universal’ or ‘Whole’ life—is designed to provide lifelong financial protection as long as deposits are paid. Policies can be ‘paid up’ (no further deposits required) as soon as within 8-10 years (even single payments are possible, though rare). A permanent insurance policy can be structured to accumulate tax-advantaged investments or cash values that may increase the amount you leave behind to your beneficiaries. Permanent insurance can be an important planning tool for those seeking a guaranteed payout upon death—whenever it should happen; those looking to transfer wealth to future generations or for charitable causes; or those with a quantified tax liability.


Term insurance provides temporary coverage at a guaranteed rate for a specific, limited period of time.  This coverage is primarily used to cover debts, obligations, and income replacement needs during working years (such as a mortgage, child care costs, lifestyle needs). Term insurance offers guaranteed-renewable premiums and is convertible, without further medical evidence, to a permanent insurance solution up to around age 75 (though one typically would convert much earlier than this age, as costs to do so then can be prohibitive). Upon expiry, the coverage ceases with no further insurance or cash values. Term insurance—whether or not in conjunction with permanent coverage—is a vital and affordable way to provide for dependents.


Health Insurance

If one thinks of life insurance as providing for dependents once they’ve passed, health insurance—or ‘living benefits’—is for when you live. For those in the prime of their income-earning and wealth-building years, there’s hardly a more valuable financial tool to possess than health insurance.

Even if you’re among the lucky few who have some employer-provided form of health insurance, like long-term disability insurance, it’s very likely insufficient if you earn more than an average income or want the strongest definition of coverage to not have your future options severely limited. Many others—whether self-employed, contract worker, or in-between jobs—don’t have any health insurance at all.When you work with us, we will review your individual circumstances—what you do, what you earn, what you need, what you’re covered for elsewhere—to determine the optimal blend of protection and cost to suit your age, need, and budget.


This benefit protects your most important asset: your ability to earn income. Disability insurance provides tax-free income if you sustain a serious illness or injury that prevents you from working. While group long-term disability coverage is a good start, your policy may not replace enough of your incomeand for a long enough period of timeto ensure your lifestyle. Policies vary regarding how soon you collect benefits and for how long. They also differ in whether disability benefits are received if you can’t perform the duties of your own occupation, a job in your field, or any job at all. Disability insurance benefits are paid on a monthly basis, as long as disability continues. Upon recovery from a disability, the policy continues—typically until one retires or reaches age 65. Some policies will even refund half your deposits paid during minimal or claims-free periods.


A critical illness, such as cancer or a heart attack, can be physically, emotionally and financially devastating. With our healthcare system ailing, the importance of owning your own healthcare plan is crucial. This coverage is one of the best ways to protect your family from the financial hardship that a major illness can cause, allowing you choice in the care you receive and preserving your lifestyle, savings and retirement plans. The benefit pays regardless of occupation or working ability. Coverage can be for a fixed period or permanent basis, providing a tax-free lump sum payment shortly after  diagnosis of a covered condition. And all deposits can be refunded upon the policy’s cancellation or expiry, or upon death.


This is independence protection. As you age, it can become more challenging to care for yourself. This coverage  offers the support you need, providing a tax-free income benefit for facility or home nursing care.


These are the vital, non-emergency services at the core of our interactions with the healthcare system. When your employee benefits aren’t sufficient for your needs, when they run out due to job loss or retirement, or you need a customized, standalone solution to provide a safety net in the absence of traditional benefits, we’ve got you covered with a range of options designed to provide flexibility and choice.


At Seligman Insurance, our extended network allows us to offer so much more than just insurance:

Fee-only financial planning

Discretionary and private wealth management

Wills and estate planning

Accounting, bookkeeping, and tax advice

Underwriting and actuarial consulting

Home, auto and commercial liability solutions

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