Your Practice

You take care of your clients, patients, and partners; isn’t it time someone took care of you?

Know all the things insurance can help your practice do? Probably not. Here are a few:

Annnual tax-deferral opportunities

Income-splitting strategies and opportunities

Protect you and your partners from the unexpected

Tax-efficient health and overhead expenses funding

Protect against the loss of key operating people

Provide owner/operators with corporately-funded retirement income

Tax savings through charitable giving

Capital gains tax and estate liabilities funding

Secured borrowing and alternative financing arrangements


Practice Insurance

As a service professional, your time is money. The value you build in your practice is often a multiplier of your reputation and experience, combined with your ability to attract and retain clients. But while you’re busy taking care of others, you may not have considered what might happen to your practice if you or your partners were suddenly unable to work due to death, illness or disability. Furthermore, while your high earning potential is an advantage, it comes with its own future planning challenges (and opportunities).

Your professional association may have assured you that their solutions are best for you because it’s worked for thousands of other healthcare, legal, or accounting professionals; but are you just another number? As independent specialists, we create customized solutions for our professional clients and have the expertise, network, and access to best-in-class product to protect your hard-earned assets and to plan for your future earnings, so you can keep doing what you do best.

Utilizing a variety of insurance, estate, and succession planning tools and strategies, we are able to offer many practice-tailored insurance services.

Practice Insurance Services

  • Incorporation Advice and Assistance
  • Partnership Agreement/Buy-Sell Funding and Planning
  • Annual Tax-Deferral and Corporate Taxation Strategies
  • Income-Splitting Strategies
  • Tax-Efficient Overhead and Health Expense Funding
  • Tax-Free Capital Gains Planning
  • Probate Planning and Fee Reduction
  • Key Person Coverage
  • Executive Team Compensation
  • Employee Benefits Solutions
  • Business Succession Planning

At Seligman Insurance, our extended network allows us to offer so much more than just insurance:

Fee-only financial planning

Discretionary and private wealth management

Wills and estate planning

Accounting, bookkeeping, and tax advice

Underwriting and actuarial consulting

Home, auto and commercial liability solutions

Contact us anytime to learn more about these services.